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total jobs

total jobs

“Total Jobs” is the well-known name and we can also easily identified to which thing or to which sector it is related. Total Jobs is one of the most popular jobs searching portal to find jobs. And also Total Jobs ranked among the top most jobs portals. Total Jobs is also one of the oldest jobs searching portals. Total Jobs was founded in 1999 by Mark Little. Headquarter of Total Jobs is situated in London (United Kingdom). Around 400 employees were working in Total Jobs. If we taking of present of Total Jobs(T.J) than now it’s large numbers of other services. Now Total Jobs group having big groups of companies.

Total Jobs: Specialization

Total Jobs specialized in different jobs categories according to qualification and experience. And also categories based on different jobs sector or related to the designation. Total Jobs have many categories in which jobs are mention according to the field in which that job is mention like accounting or IT.

  • Accountancy (8,318)
  • Administration (11,793)
  • Advertising (369)
  • Aerospace (31)
  • Apprenticeships (9,356)
  • Automotive (256)
  • Banking (1,660)
  • Call Centre (1,827)
  • Catering (3,998)
  • Charity (2,921)
  • Civil Service jobs (38)
  • Construction (11,550)
  • Creative (720)
  • Customer Service (6,938)
  • Digital (2,441)
  • Education (6,158)
  • Engineering (11,002)
  • Finance (3,430)
  • FMCG (4,078)
  • Graduate (7,312)
  • Healthcare (6,132)
  • Hospitality (4,007)
  • HR (2,331)
  • Insurance (1,026)
  • IT (10,403)
  • Legal (2,423)
  • Leisure (178)
  • Logistics (12,399)
  • Management Consultancy (171)
  • Manufacturing (4,856)
  • Marketing (5,151)
  • Media (1,473)
  • Nursing (2,876)
  • Oil and Gas (136)
  • PA (1,734)
  • Part-time (10,175)
  • Pharmaceutical (1,140)
  • PR (1,520)
  • Property (3,818)
  • Public Sector (9,368)
  • Recruitment Sales (3,738)
  • Renewable Energy (53)
  • Retail (4,618)
  • Sales (21,968)
  • Science (1,678)
  • Secretarial (1,485)
  • Senior Appointments (609)
  • Social Work (665)
  • Teaching (3,459)
  • Telecoms (173)
  • Temporary (15,509)
  • Tourism (316)
  • Transport (11,648)
  • Travel (660)
  • Utilities (6,102)
  • Wholesale (61)

Total Jobs: Location and Popularity

Total Jobs located in Birmingham, Cardiff, Leeds, London, Nottingham, and Glasgow in the United Kingdom. Basically Total Jobs is popular in the United Kingdom. And it’s ranked among top online hiring portal. But now Total Jobs having access from all over the world, like United Nation and also from India.

How it works: Total Jobs

Total Jobs is very easy to access and also very simple to use. Any average educates person can easily access it.

  • First, open Total Jobs website
  • Or you can access through Application of Total Jobs
  • Then enter data in the required field.
  • Then select your field of Job
  • Then find out the location and other details.
  • Then filled up details with the required field.
  • Submit your application in Total Jobs.

After finishing this process you can go through your application to take print out. Total Jobs also notified through messages or through email.

Jobs that Total Jobs is providing are:

total jobs

total jobs

Job Average Pay From 2015 Approx. Pay Total Number of Jobs
Waste disposal and environmental services managers £41,541 -2.10% n/a n/a
Veterinarians £32,145 -7.50% £32,681 14,000
Town planning officers £36,841 n/a £33,993 n/a
Telecommunications engineers £35,088 5.70% £32,681 34,000
Taxation experts £52,327 9.50% £43,248 12,000
Solicitors £45,367 5.30% £39,559 73,000
Social services managers and directors £39,267 -2.20% £35,153 17,000
Social and humanities scientists £32,586 3.30% £29,749 n/a
Skilled metal, electrical and electronic trades supervisors £36,288 2.00% £32,973 42,000
Senior professionals of educational establishments £51,143 1.70% £52,427 92,000
Senior police officers £62,266 0.80% £62,497 9,000
Senior officers in fire, ambulance, prison and related services £50,868 1.60% £45,825 8,000
Secondary education teaching professionals £34,460 2.30% £35,642 408,000
Sales accounts and business development managers £49,289 1.20% £42,817 435,000
Residential, day and domiciliary care managers and proprietors £31,418 -2.70% £29,186 39,000
Research and development managers £50,425 -0.20% £42,138 45,000
Rail and rolling stock builders and repairers £44,214 -1.10% £40,542 n/a
Quantity surveyors £39,811 -1.90% n/a n/a
Quality control and planning engineers £36,431 -1.10% £34,914 38,000
Quality assurance and regulatory professionals £46,580 0.70% £40,553 70,000
Purchasing managers and directors £54,320 4.00% £46,907 55,000
Public relations professionals £35,377 12.60% £30,621 26,000
Psychologists £37,329 0.10% n/a 23,000
Protective service associate professionals £35,619 -0.90% £33,864 18,000
Property, housing and estate managers £38,853 5.20% £32,366 96,000
Programmers and software development professionals £41,770 2.30% £39,771 173,000
Production managers and directors in mining and energy £52,237 -3.40% £45,257 n/a
Production managers and directors in manufacturing £52,172 5.40% £41,961 505,000
Production managers and directors in construction £49,372 2.50% £41,694 87,000
Production and process engineers £39,611 0.40% £38,486 40,000
Police officers (sergeant and below) £39,557 -0.30% £39,569 241,000
Pipe fitters £37,295 -5.60% n/a n/a
Physical scientists £46,505 -8.50% £38,042 14,000
Pharmacists £37,132 -1.00% £37,880 43,000
Paramedics £35,482 -2.30% £36,563 17,000
Natural and social science professionals £38,307 1.80% £35,778 43,000
Metal working production and maintenance fitters £31,727 4.90% £29,943 303,000
Medical radiographers £32,243 0.20% £31,287 35,000
Medical practitioners £71,455 -1.00% £63,493 182,000
Mechanical engineers £44,733 -0.70% £41,142 33,000
Marketing and sales directors £82,211 -0.60% £69,732 154,000
Managers and proprietors in other services £37,234 5.60% £30,575 62,000
Managers and directors in transport and distribution £43,364 2.10% £37,127 66,000
Managers and directors in storage and warehousing £31,811 2.70% £29,548 113,000
Management consultants and business analysts £46,005 2.10% £39,454 129,000
Leisure and sports managers £32,049 5.00% £27,516 34,000
Legal professionals £75,994 -0.40% £64,522 38,000
Journalists, newspaper and periodical editors £35,027 3.20% £31,402 44,000
IT specialist managers £50,767 5.20% £47,020 143,000
IT project and programme managers £48,296 -4.50% £47,937 18,000
IT business analysts, architects and systems designers £48,073 4.00% £44,226 91,000
Insurance underwriters £38,468 -10.30% £32,187 n/a
Information technology and telecommunications professionals £40,152 2.20% £36,896 76,000
Information technology and telecommunications directors £71,968 6.30% £69,026 31,000
Human resource managers and directors £52,858 0.10% £44,026 103,000
Higher education teaching professionals £43,411 -0.20% £44,135 143,000
Health services and public health managers and directors £46,756 -3.60% £42,569 42,000
Health and safety officers £35,583 -2.30% £33,656 24,000
Garage managers and proprietors £39,765 7.20% £31,271 n/a
Functional managers and directors £56,333 2.00% £44,891 57,000
Financial managers and directors £75,465 0.90% £56,964 261,000
Financial institution managers and directors £71,477 -8.70% £51,227 72,000
Financial and accounting technicians £40,199 -6.20% n/a 27,000
Financial accounts managers £41,951 1.20% £34,138 105,000
Finance and investment analysts and advisers £42,128 -1.60% £33,728 90,000
Environmental health professionals £32,970 1.90% £33,786 9,000
Environment professionals £34,416 5.90% £32,710 33,000
Engineering technicians £35,479 0.90% £34,650 73,000
Engineering professionals £41,884 -0.20% £39,971 134,000
Electronics engineers £46,307 5.50% £46,376 n/a
Electrical engineers £46,303 3.30% £44,636 20,000
Electrical and electronic trades £32,395 3.10% £30,962 114,000
Education advisers and school inspectors £32,558 0.10% £31,115 14,000
Draughtspersons £32,006 7.50% £28,658 29,000
Design and development engineers £41,228 3.30% £39,046 71,000
Dental practitioners £42,900 -5.10% n/a 8,000
Construction project managers and related professionals £38,007 -4.30% n/a n/a
Construction and building trades supervisors £34,358 0.00% £33,094 39,000
Conservation professionals £31,530 2.50% £32,157 10,000
Civil engineers £41,140 -2.00% £39,991 43,000
Chemical scientists £35,917 -1.20% £35,012 11,000
Chartered surveyors £38,433 3.90% £33,812 59,000
Chartered architectural technologists £33,692 -0.90% n/a n/a
Chartered and certified accountants £40,004 2.00% £35,000 75,000
Buyers and procurement officers £33,049 4.20% £30,226 46,000
Business, research and administrative professionals £38,490 3.80% £36,126 54,000
Business sales executives £33,114 -2.10% £29,969 185,000
Business and related research professionals £31,667 0.30% £31,576 71,000
Business and financial project management professionals £49,374 -1.10% £43,739 190,000
Biological scientists and biochemists £38,361 0.40% £35,041 53,000
Barristers and judges £43,743 18.60% £35,136 8,000
Arts officers, producers and directors £36,216 0.60% n/a n/a
Architects £43,332 0.90% n/a 31,000
Aircraft pilots and flight engineers £91,678 6.20% £89,317 7,000
Aircraft maintenance and related trades £34,053 -1.00% £34,033 13,000
Air-conditioning and refrigeration engineers £33,051 5.80% £32,056 n/a
Air traffic controllers £77,682 3.50% £83,128 n/a
Advertising and public relations directors £63,068 0.70% n/a 8,000
Advertising accounts managers and creative directors £34,784 -8.10% £33,566 n/a
Actuaries, economists and statisticians £65,604 6.30% n/a n/a



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