MBA: Top Colleges | Best Job Scope |Admission & Fees

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MBA: Top Colleges | Best Job Scope |Admission & Fees | Course detail.

MBA “mba means “(Master of Business Administration), as well as we, know the first letter is M which stands for Master. And also second and third letter stands for business and administration. So by the name of MBA, we know that it is a master degree. In business management.


Similarly, it is a professional course. And also this time not in India only also in Canada, USA and across the world. It is a most popular master degree. It is a master degree in business administration. Also, its specialization is present in the different lines. Like Marketing, HR, Finance etc.

Course Detail: MBA

For MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a one to two years course. Which is did by the students full time/ part time/ Executive/ Distance. What is an mba degree?

1- Full Time: 

Similarly, It is a two-year program. Here students take admission in those Universities which conduct it( MBA). And also in this type of program students take proper classes, seminar and also do projects.

2- Part Time:

In this type, of course, those students can apply which are use. They can do this type of course. It is a part-time course. In this type, students continue with their work. And now part time getting popular each day.

3- Executive:

In this type of MBA course, only the experienced professionals can apply. In this type  Universities or colleges need to experience. It is also known as upgraded before.


4- Distance:

In this type of MBA course, distance learning is doing. Also, define as an Online program. In this type of course students not attend the classes of the campus. 
  •  In MBA Students can study following subjects like Accounting, Economics, Corporate Finance, Strategy. Human Resources, Organisation Behaviour and also leadership and marketing.
  • Specialization in MBA ( not only in India. Also in USA and UK). 


Management Subjects (Specialization): 


It is two-year programme. In the first year, students will go through the all common subjects. And in the second year, they have done their specialization of their chosen subject. Specialization does by the following.
  1. Marketing
  1. Finance
  1. Human Resource
  1. Consulting
  1. Information System
  1. Operations Management
  1. Entrepreneurship
Note: Now from last 2-3 years new course of MBA is defining. Which is name as MBA in Hospital Management?

MBA  is one of the favorite, two-year professional courses that is the demanding one in India and across Earth. It is a semester based course (largely 4 semesters) deals with the theoretical aspects of the business. There are two Types of MBA- General and Specialized and cover different subjects like Commerce, Economics, Management etc

MBA Specialization via electives. The amount and character of electives can vary across MBA classes overseas and in India. Oftentimes, new topics are added in the MBA syllabus based upon the requirement of this business and market.



Admission Criteria: 



For taking admission, students. Similarly First have to graduate in smallest three-year graduation  programme. SC/ST graduates can apply on 45% and OBC/General can apply with 50% smallest marks.
For taking admission, students. For First, have to graduate smallest three-year graduate program. Similarly, SC/ST graduates can apply on 45% and OBC/General can apply with 50% smallest marks.

When a candidate is short-listed for interviews with any IIM,  also compliance with the following Qualification Confirmation is must:

Mark sheets and also level certification
Reservation category requirements
The deadline for entry of the mark sheet and the certification is December 31, 2015.
Non-fulfillment of the condition will automatically lead to the cancellation of the provisional admission.



Hence, A Common Admission Test(CAT) is conducted by the Ahmedabad, Allahabad, Bangalore, Bhopal. Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi, Gurgaon, Guwahati, Hyderabad. Indore, Jaipur, Jamshedpur, Kolkata, Kozhikode, Lucknow. Mumbai, Nagpur, Noida, Patna and Pune on the all India basis for admission. For some private universities conduct their own entrance exam for admission. And some universities take direct admission.

The application procedure for PG classes (MBA/MS/MA) “what is mba degree” from Germany is the application procedure for UG classes. Similarly, these are the steps you should follow

Assess for your eligibility

Apply for evaluations
Produce a recorded packet full of transcripts, statement of purpose, letters of recommendation and accredited test score (as necessary)
Understand whether the college is a part of Uni-Assist;

when it’s a member then employ via Uni Assist, or apply directly to the college.

Fees Structures-:

Hence MBA “mba salaries 2015” is a different type of course as we discussed before. As well as it is full-time, part-time, executive and distance. Because of that only, variation in done in fee structure. Similarly, Fee Structure of depends upon the college or University and also on the type of course chosen by students.

While the MBA prices of several low ranking programs (which often struggle to have students registered) might be quite low, the charges really can shoot up to the elite management applications.

And it is not only the course fees which you want to contemplate. There are additional costs to enjoy the visa fees, books, notebook, flight expenses, study excursion expenses as well as the largest (hidden) one which many MBA students forget — the opportunity price.

The Class-B institutes are regarded as the second best option chosen from the pupils who don’t land up in IIMs.

The Class-C institutions would be the previous choice preferred by the pupils for pursuing MBA.

Charges for 2years MBA course mostly varies from school to college. For the better understanding I’ve segregated schools in three distinct class, please see below: HIGH, 10-15 Lakhs, A number of the greatest B-schools in state charge pupils from 10 lakhs up to 15 lakhs for two years MBA course, a few of those schools are: Indian Institute of Management (nearly every), XLRI, IIPM and so forth.

LOW, Up to 5lakhs, Though a few of those colleges charge really Lower prices for two y ears total time MBA but also promises a Fantastic future


Fee: Fee structure could vary from 25,000 to 12,00,ooo rupees.

Career After MBA-:

Hence, Once you complete your MBA. Then you have to prepared for the jobs Interviews. Similarly, Salary and also job depends on your course and from which University you have completed. Some specified jobs is given below:
Private Equity / Venture Capital
Among the most pursued profiles nowadays, finding a position in the private equity business is a challenging potential for MBA students. And also Individuals having great investment acumen can and do succeed in equity.

You have to have one’s aim set up to have the ability to set up a strong and productive livelihood following an MBA.

The Typical motives to do an MBA:

These are just five jobs in which an MBA will make you appealing to companies and also help give you an advantage from the MBA Jobs marketplace.
Since electronic advertising is the only future of advertising That’s gaining so much significance that in forthcoming near future “Digital Marketing” is becoming just “Marketing”

In short, because the requirement for electronic marketers are growing but because of less number of proficient individual There’s a Massive demand supply gap

  • Banking and Finance
  • Information system management.
  • Investment Banking.
  • Management Consulting.
  • Private Equity
  • Data Analytics
  • Entrepreneurship

Pay Package of India Top Colleges:-


Colleges Avg. Salary( Lakh) Recruitment
IIM Indore 15.67 Finance Marketing & Sales
IIM Shillong 14 Consulting & Analytics
IIM Ranchi 15.14 Marketing & Sales
IIM Udaipur 12.91 Marketing & Sales
IIM Delhi 18.01 Marketing & Sales
FMS Delhi 20.5 Consulting & Analytics
NMI MS Mumbai 17.09 BFSI
JBIMS Mumbai 18.13 BFSI


Top 10 Colleges in India for MBA:

1- Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore:

Intake exams are CAT and GMAT. Also, State Rating is AAAAA. And rank is 1.

2- Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

As well as Intake exams CAT and GMAT. For State Rating is AAAAA. And rank is 2.

3- Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta

Similarly Intake exams CAT and GMAT. As well as State Rating is AAAAA. And rank is 3.

4- Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

Similarly Intake exams CAT, XAT, and GMAT.  As well as State Rating is AAAA+. And rank is 4.

5- Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Technology, Maharastra.

And also Intake exams CAT, XAT, and GMAT. For State Rating is AAAA+. And rank is 5.

6- Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow

Hence Intake exams CAT, and GMAT. State Rating is AAAA+. And rank is 6.

7- XLRI – Xavier school of management, Jamshedpur

For Intake exams  XAT, and GMAT. As well as State Rating is AAAA+. And rank is 1 (Private).

8- Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode

Hence, Intake exams CAT, and GMAT. State Rating is AAAA+. And rank is 7.

9- Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee

Similarly, Intake exams CAT. State Rating is AAAA+. And rank is 8.

10- Indian Institute of Management, Indore

Hence, Intake exams CAT, and GMAT. State Rating is AAAA+. And rank is 9.

Top Colleges in Abroad:

  1. Bangor University (U.K) Rank 301.
  2. Slippery Rock University Pennsylvania
  3. Aston University
  4. ManagementDevelopment Singapore
  5. London South Bank University
  6. De Montfort University
  7. University of Bedfordshire
  8. CQ University Australia.
  9. Federation University Australia
  10. Northern  Arizona University.


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