Google Scholar: How to use Google Scholar in Simple Steps

Google Scholar: New way to explore our knowledge

google scholar
google scholar

Google Scholar is a simple way to search for literature. From this platform, you can search many things like Articles, Books, Abstracts. And also court opinions. And Google through this platform providing services. For publishers, Academic Publishers, Professional societies, Online repositories, Universities and other websites. Google Scholar help us to find relevancy work across all over the world.

About Google Scholar:

google scholar
google scholar
  • Google’s this platform is web search engine tat we can access for free anywhere in the world.
  • And also it is full text or data based metadata of literature.
  • According to beta in 2004 Google Scholar indexed which includes that Google on this platform was most search in 2004.
  • Online academic journals and books, conference papers, dissertations. And theses also published on this platform of Google.
  • As per third party researchers. It is estimated that Scholar contains 160 million documents as on May of 2014.
  • Google this platform is a Bibliographic Databases website.
  • Scholar is by Google.
  • Google this platform website URL is
  • If someone wants to join Scholar than registration is not necessary.
  • Scholar is launched on November 20, 2004; i.e 12 years ago.
  • Scholar is still in use by millions of peoples.
  • Scholar is similar in functions to many other available sites like CiteSeerX and gets cited.


More About Google Scholar:

google scholar
google scholar
    • For launching scholar idea is arousing. Or idea is forme from the discussion held between Alex Verstak and Anurag Acharya.
    • Google on this platform having one of latest features. Of providing digital copies of articles or of theses.
    • And also this features of Google is available for the public to use.
    • Google in this platform having two different categories for use:
    • Free access to the articles, books, theses and much more.
    • Paid access which includes more features than free access to Google Scholar.
    • If you searching for any keyword then you will be going to get most efficient. And best-related results for the Keyword that you have searched.
    • And also your search results can be base on the ranking of the author ranking.
    • And also your search results listed according to the relevancy of the keyword.

“This Feature”provides a link to both subscription access versions of an article. And to free full-text versions of any article also.

  • But Google Scholar also having a condition for “group of” feature i.e this feature is only available to publisher version. But from 2016 Google made a change to its condition now user can access to both publisher versions. And also access repositories.


Google Scholar Features:

google scholar
google scholar
  • You can search any literature related to through Scholar.
  • You can also search for reviews about any book or about any author.
  • You can enter through Scholar into huge numbers of book library.
  • Keep yourself with all the recent update and developments anywhere in research.
  • You can create your author profile.
  • You can create your own blog and you can upload your articles and books on the blog that you have made on the scholar.
  • You can also earn from Google through this platform by publishing your blog on the scholar.
  • Click for to access this platform of Google

Quality and Coverage of Google Scholar

  • It having lots of best qualities other than from other websites.
  • But Google also having some defects in the Scholar.
  • As per the third party review. It is consider that google scholar sometimes inadequate providing desired results.
  • And also scholar is less often updated.
  • And Scholar also varies by its discipline as compared another general database.
  • Sometimes Scholar is unable to crawl not allowed journals of the publishers.
  • And also they are nit able to updates scientific journals. And also the frequency of these updates remains unknown.

How You can Rank Yourself in the Google Scholar

The aim of Google for this platform is to rank high in the way researcher wants. And also the way the weighing the full documents when it’s going to be publishe. And Google through this platform providing another feature. That is how recently it has been cite in the other .



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    Hi, sid how we can use it. I can’t get it. Please explain little more wider. I can;t understand how to make account or profile in it. please help me for this.

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  • July 26, 2017 at 1:39 am

    Nice article. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work.Hunting is as simple as searching in routine Google. Click on the Articles & tab and find the Google Scholar tab in the exact bottom. Enter a search phrase or term, for example “bird flu.”

    Like routine Google, Google Scholar yields the most relevant results , based on a product’s complete text, source, author, and also the amount of times it’s been cited in other resources. Some actions are somewhat different from regular Google: clicking on a name might just take one to a citation or description, instead of the complete record . Google Scholar won’t automatically get you into the entire text of each search result.

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