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Delhi University DU: How to get admission and how to check result

Delhi Univesity is one of the top most university in India. And also in DU enrollment done large numbers every year. Now it’s challenging to get admission in Delhi University.



    The University of Delhi is also known as Delhi University”DU” university now.

  • The University of Delhi established in 1922. And also Prince Charles University had referred to as the University of Delhi formerly a long time ago.
  • Chief Commissioner of Delhi is known as ray Kedarnath. And also Ramjas college founder argue with the Prince for the university concern.
  • Four colleges exist only that time in Delhi University (DU) i.e.  Stephen’s college founded in 1881.
  • Hindu College 1899 and also Zakir Husain Delhi College established in 1692. And also Ramjas College founded in 1917.
  • In 1937 when Sir Maurice Gwyer visited in India.
  • And he also introduces a post-graduate course. “Maker of university “is also known as Gwyer. And also he remains as vice chancellor until 1950.


  Present form of Delhi University (DU)



  1. Now the University of Delhi (DU) becomes the best and largest university in India.
  2. In Delhi University now there are 86 academic departments. And also 16 facilities and 77 colleges, five other institutes. And also which having 114,494 undergraduates and 17,941 postgraduates.
  3. Delhi University (DU) also providing open education or distance learning. That is known as the school of open learning (sol).
  4. In the school of open learning. Delhi University also has a large number of students from all over India.
  5. In the school of open learning, Delhi University (DU) also has 261,169 students in which 258,831 are undergraduate. And 2,338 are post graduates.
  6. Now Delhi University has five central and relevant departments. Chemistry, geology, zoology, sociology, and also history has awarded many times.
  7. And also Delhi University (DU) is the most repetitive and best educational institution in India.


About University Campus



  • Delhi University (DU) has 77 affiliated colleges.
  • Delhi University (DU) divided into two campuses i.e. north campus and south campus.

North Campus

  • N.C was having ten different colleges specialized in various departments.

North campus colleges:

  1. Kirori man college
  2. Daulat Ram College
  3. Hansraj College
  4. Hindu College
  5. Indraprastha College for women
  6. Miranda House
  7. SGBT Khalsa College
  8. Ramjas College
  9. Stephen College
  10. Sri Ram college of commerce
  • North Campus of Delhi University (DU) having colleges in all over the Delhi, locality like;
  1. Old Rajendra’s Nagar
  2. Pitampura
  3. Ashok Vihar

South Campus

  • South campus of Delhi University (DU) started in 1973
  • The south campus spread over around 28 actors of green. And also naturally involvement surroundings
  • South campus of Delhi University (DU) also having different departments like north campus
  • South campus having 9 top most colleges of Delhi and as well as of India

Colleges of south campus are;

  1. Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College
  2. PGDAV College
  3. Desh Bandhu College
  4. Aryabhatta College
  5. Jesus and Mary College
  6. Maitreya college
  7. deen Dayal Upadhyay College
  8. Shree Venkateshwara College
  9. Motilal Nehru College

other prestigious colleges are;

  • Zakir Husain Delhi College, which is one of the best colleges of Delhi University
  • Delhi University (DU) also having other two different campuses i.e. east campus and also west campus.
  • East campus is mainly known for medical science.
  • And the west campus of Delhi University (DU) is known for engineering and technology.

Delhi University (DU) Faculties and departments

  • Delhi University (DU) having different 16 departments and also 86 academic departments.
  • The University of Delhi offering scores of different courses in different or in a variety of subject. And also concentrations.
  • The Delhi University is offering a vast and large number of different courses in various specializations.
  • The University of Delhi (DU) offering extensive. And also beyond thinking tremendous opportunities to study and to explore things.

Faculties of Delhi University (DU) are;

  • Applied social sciences and humanities
  •  Arts
  •  Business studies and commerce
  •  Education
  •  Interdisciplinary and Applied Sciences
  •  Law
  •  Management studies
  • Mathematical Sciences
  • Music and fine arts
  • Medical Sciences
  •  Open learning
  •  Science
  •  Social Sciences
  •  Technology
  •  Ayurvedic and Unani medicine
  •  Homeopathic medicine

Facts About Delhi University (DU):

  •  Delhi University is the best University of India.
  • The University of Delhi is also having students from lots of different countries.
  • Delhi University is also rank in top 20 universities in Asia.
  • And also chancellor of Delhi University is the vice president of India.
  • And also in the University of Delhi election is conducted at a very high level.
  • Which directly affects the reputation of the several different parties if they lose.
  • And also the faculty that Delhi University also having is the best department of India.
  • The placements of the students of the University of Delhi can do at international level.
  • And also the best place that can do through SRCC of DU.
  • In SRCC it is tough to get admission in Bachelor of Commerce.
  • And also cut off for admission in Delhi University is rising every year.

What is School Of Open Learning (SOL)?

  • School of Open Learning(SOL) is the part of Delhi University.
  • And also SOL is launched for students who want to study openly.
  • SOL also having scores of students who all are giving exams every year.
  • In SOL students also not need to come to classes. As well as they can give exams by doing self-study only.
  • SOL was having more students than the students present in DU.
  • And also one more important thing, i.e., the level of difficulty in SOL is high as compared to the colleges of DU.

The procedure of applying  for Admission:

Visit the university undergraduate entrance exam portal site. And also the connection for the Admission portal site update on House – the University of Delhi during the access interval. There’ll be a different link for entry based undergraduate classes.
Here we inform you step-wise what’ll occur when You use from the schools:
1. Pick your path
2. Get registered
3. Cut-off
4. Stop by faculty
5. Verification process
6. Pay the charges
  • DU opens its online registration procedure from May 22.
  • Visit http://www.du.ac.in to meet with this shape.
  • Make the internet payment, which will be somewhere around Rs. 100 for general class students. And also Rs. 50 for others.
  • Have a print from this Shape along with the payment receipt.
  • Sit back and relax, await the very first cut off to your 2017-18 session.

Entrance Exam Courses In DU

DU entry officials revealed they intend to establish another portal for entry courses. It has released a listing of classes that the college is set to run an entrance. Earlier the university conducted DU JAT (Delhi University Joint Admission Test). For BMS, BBA and BBE programs only.
Aside from DU JAT, Delhi University is likely to run separate entrance test for admission to LLB and B.Ed Program.
Admissions to schools of the University of Delhi base on entry or merit. Applicants are seeking admission to UG merit. Based programs/courses must register on an entry Web Portal.
Applicants seeking admission to UG entry test need to use on Another portal.

Eligibility For Taking Admission

Students must pass their 10+2 or equivalent examination from a recognized board.
· There’s not any minimum age pub limit to find admission into UG class at the University and its schools (except in livelihood levels).
DU eligibility standards are the criteria, regulations or requirements, which candidates seeking admissions to some program have to meet.
The applicants’ eligibility determined by verifying documents linked to academic ability and age proof certification in the time of DU counseling.
Students who wish to take this examination. They need to Meet up with the eligibility standards. If the students don’t meet the eligibility criteria. Then they aren’t permitted to apply for the examination
To take the exam, students of general category. They should have passed in the Bachelor’s degree in any stream. Like science or social science or humanity with fifty percentages of total marks.
Similarly, students will need to have at least fifty-five proportions of total marks in B.Tech or even B.E applications.
The pupils that are in the final year of the qualifying examination. They’re also eligible to take the examination with PCB/PCM. The candidates have to have least marks required. They have qualified for appearing in the entrance examination. Those who don’t meet the smallest necessary criteria. Unfortunately, are not eligible to appear in the exam. And they can’t get into the university’s BBA course.

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