Career Power:Best coaching centers for SSC and banking exams preparation

Career Power: Best coaching centers for SSC and banking


Career Power: They are preparing hard for many years then also can’t get succeed in their examination. And the big and clear reason behind their unsuccessful result. As well as their way of preparation. Few points mention below for the reason. Why a hard working student cannot get success in their examination. Government jobs and exam competitions at Career Power.

Points are -:

  • The way of preparation.
  • Material from which they are studying.
  • Not having proper guidelines.
  • Lack of motivation.
  • Not having perfect study time table.
And also many more reasons…
To improve their own results they must have a proper mindset. Because nowadays competition going tough year by year. So to get success in their result. they must have to make themselves ready for every tough competition.
As well as we are talking about  Governments Jobs, for it one most important thing to boost up anyone level i.e
Selection of material from which we have to prepare. and selection of teacher or counselor. For we have to choose one of the best faculty for our preparation. And also we get confused in the selection of the coaching centers. which we have to enroll and which we have to choose for our preparation.
So here we are going to help you out for the selection of the best coaching centers from your preparation. Similarly, we are going to provide you a list of best coaching centers for your best selective courses.
We are going to provide you all the details of all best coaching centers. The list is mention below:
1-Career Power
2-Career Launcher


1-Career Power ( C.P-“Career Power” )


Career power is one of the best coaching centers for the preparation. For the government competitive examinations like SSC CGL, Bank PO etc . It has shown its consistency in the field of preparation towards competitive examinations. And the faculty that providing is one of the best faculty in compare to all other coaching centers. And also the results that provided in last few years is untouchable. In comparison to any other coaching centers.


Key Features of Career Power are:

  • Preparing students for examination by huge motivation.
  • Providing one of the best study material for students.
  • And also a digital platform of study.
  • Providing one to one sessions.
  • Special doubt solving sessions.
  • IIM And IIT Alumni Faculty.
  • Personality development sessions.
  • Extra circular activities to development.
  • Bankersadda speed test.
  • Career test app.
  •  online test.

And also it has branches in;

 Career Power head office locates in Laxmi Nagar in New Delhi.
  • T.B Nagar, Delhi
  • Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi
  • Munirka, Delhi
  • Noida – Atta
  • Noida – Sec 12/2
  • Ghaziabad
  • Rajendra Nagar, Delhi
  • Rohini, Delhi
  • Uttam Nagar, Delhi

2- Career Launcher


Career launcher is also one of the most popular and we’ll know coaching center.
Career launcher also shows its consistency in the field of results.
Also known for its faculty, because they hiring all facilities from IIM or IIT alumni.
Career Launcher has a large number of branch all over the India.
Also providing the best level of test series to the students. And also who are preparing in Career Launcher.
Like Career Power, they also provide one to one session for their doubts.
And they are helping them not only through theory but also through practical also.

  KEY FEATURES OF Career Launcher are:

  • Providing best quality materials for students.
  • *Help students in their personality development.
  • *Providing digital education experience to students.
  • Small batches for better understanding.
  • Weekly Doubt sessions.
  • *Counseling sessions.
  • *Best Faculty with specialization subject.


In Comparision with Career Power:

  • Both coaching centers are one of the best coaching centers in India.
  • As taking about specialization in SSC and Banks Career Power is best.
  • In Result: Career Power Providing best result for SSC and Banking.
  • In Omit, as we are a comparison, So in this field Career Power is best.

3- Plutus Academy


Plutus is one of the rising coaching centers. Similarly, in the field of government examination preparation.
Plutus made its own identity in preparation through different successful ways. And also get successful in new ways of preparation. Plutus showed its best and that is still on the rise. But Plutus Academy not only providing coaching for SSC and banking. that also providing coaching for other courses also.Courses
Like  SSC, Banks, CTET and also job oriented courses. Plutus Academy, we can say it as growing coaching center.

Key Features and Comparision:

  • Plutus providing good quality of study material as compare to other best coachings.
  • Plutus providing good faculty.
  • As Plutus providing coaching for another course so we can’t say it as best coaching for SSC. and Banking as compare to Career Power.
  • The result of Plutus is not effective like other best coachings.
  • And also as we talking about consistency than the first choice is C.P.
  • In Omit Rating, Career Power is the best coaching center for SSC and Banking.




RAU’s is one of the biggest names in the field of government jobs preparation. And also it is one the best coaching center in India for the government jobs. RAU’s is the best coaching center for IAS and PCS  coaching in all over the India. Similarly, it is in itself a big brand name.
RAU’s known for UPSC preparation. And in UPSC RAU’s result unmatchable to any other coaching center in India. RAU’s also provide a good result in SSC exams. RAU’s have 3 main centers in India. And also New Delhi, Jaipur, and Bengaluru. RAU’s is one of the best coachings and it also has its own consistency in the result of their students.


Key Features and Comparision:

  • Best study material in comparison to any other coaching center.
  • Best faculty all over the India.
  • Motivational sessions for the students by their betterment.
  • As we talking about SSC and banking RAU’s is as good as Career Power.
  • As talking about results than C.P is better than RAU’s.
  • Interview guideline program by experts.
  • Small batches with suitable strength.
  • As if we have to rate them both Career Power and RAU’s, both are competitive of each other.


TIME is also the well-known brand name of the coaching center in India for the preparation of IIM.
And also well known for MBA preparation. TIME having its branch in all over India in 8 main cities of India.
IN New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Cochin, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune. TIME also providing coaching for other different courses. like CAT, SSC, GATE, GMAT, GRE, GMAT MaGRE, IELTS and also TOFEL.
TIME recently completed 25 years and that’s why TIME is a very popular coaching center in India.

Key Features and  Comparision:

  • Best study material for students as same as Career Power.
  • Experienced faculty.
  • Small class with limited seats.
  • As talking about results than TIME is not good as C.P In SSC and banking.
  • If we compare TIME in the field of SSC and Banking than C.P is best and first choice.


MRT COACHING CAMPUS. Is also a well-known name in the field of preparation for government jobs examination. MRT is only governments jobs preparing center. MRT showing its consistency in its result for examination. Like SSC, Banking, Police, for NDA and like CDS.
MRT also well known for its way of having the preparation of its students. And in Uttar Pradesh MRT is one of the best coaching centers. For governments jobs preparations. And also the amount that MRT taking for providing a coach. For its students is very cheap anyone affords this coaching that’s all the reasons why MRT is popular.

Key Features and Comparison:

  • Small class with the proper arrangement. As well as like another coaching center like Career Power.
  • Providing personality development classes.
  • In results as if we compare with Career Power than C.P having the better result than MRT.
  • Inconsistency, MRT is a lack of consistency if we compare with Career Power.
  • As if we compare with C.P than C.P is the first choice.

“Career Power” is the Best:

As we discuss many coaching centers, but as we compare each other. Then C.P is the best coaching center for the preparation of the SSC and Banking examination. C.P deserves credit for its consistency in the preparation for the examination. Similarly, it’s having the recorded results in the examination of SSC and Banking. As well as it’s providing best faculty in all the branches.
And all branches of Career Power control by through main branch  i.e situated in Laxmi Nagar. And also providing visiting faculty from many different institutions. If anyone wants to prepare for SSC and Banking examination than Career Power is the best choice for them.


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